The purpose of this website is to show and share my creations. I can share what I have seen and what I have experienced. It is fascinating of what other people have created as well. I hope to inspire people to drive them into creativity and share their own passion. That is the sole purpose of the website to share, amaze and inspire each other.

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Current Life

Hello, I have not been very active on this site lately but to keep up on date I will be posting my current situation in life.

I have been accepted to Ryerson University and have just finished my first semester and continuing my second semester in Architectural Science.

It is a great experience to finally be able to live the university life, I have met many great people.

My next step in life is to continue my education here, while hoping to find internships at architectural firms.

When I have time, I will try to post my first year portfolios. Cheers.

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After a week since the Portfolio Day, I got accepted into OCAD! I still hope I can get accepted into either Ryerson, Carleton, Waterloo or Laurentian in March… I have to prepare!

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Portfolio Day

So yesterday, I had to go to “National Portfolio Day” here in Vancouver, Canada. It was pretty dreadful, considering I had to wake up at 5 in the morning, only to drive for an hour to get there (I live in Mission). Once I got there, 6 am, to my amazement, there were already 50 people waiting in line for the doors to open… Once the doors opened, 8 am, we went to line up at universities we wanted to go for portfolio review. Yet again, we had to wait for them to open. At last they opened, 11 am, I was still behind people in lines. Once I had my portfolios reviewed at a university, I went over to a different university…with an even greater line. End of the day, I came at 5 pm.

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Amazing Pop-Up Paper Sculptures, truly amazing.


Same person, more sculptures.

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Cardboard Model

Cardboard Model

Another one of my model homes. Made entirely out of cardboard and glued together using a glue gun. Turned out pretty nicely.

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Landscape Architecture


They need some love too

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Inside of Unique Wooden House!

I have finally posted the pictures of the insides of my Wooden Model.


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Preparation, preparation and preparation…

Preparing for university is such a pain in the ass, but I hope to be prepared and make it.

So much pressure, worrying and stress.

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Taste in Music?

If you love Indie/Alternate/Soft Rock, you should check out my favorite songs and bands.


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Nice Homes

One day, I will be the one to design a house like these

They are beautiful.

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Modern Interior Designs

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Another patch of random interior designs I have found, while surfing the internet. Architecture simply does not exclude the interior design.

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Sam Pratt

He is one of my favorite Artists

Should check him out- http://samspratt.tumblr.com/

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Unique Wooden Model

This was my second 3D Model, unlike the last one, this one only took me a week.

Sturdy? No. Fascinating? Yes

I made it out of a thin wooden board. Used a pen, ruler, knife and glue gun. This one I actually glued together, yes, but the floors are not glued together, which enables you to see each floor.

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Foam Board House

This is in a seperate page, but since I just started to use WordPress, I’ll just post this up

My first 3D Model

Took me a month to make, including rest time. Only used Foam Board, Pencil, Ruler and an X-Acto Knife, no glue was used

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Architecture Models

Couple of Architecture Models I have found, while surfing the internet


It is amazing how many creative people there are in the world and the number of creative people sharing their works of art online. People needs to start exploring the internet and find works of art and admire them. For these two examples above, I find by simply searching on Google. I really appreciate the people for their hardwork.

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